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This is an All 12 Steps in 12 weeks Step Study using the AA Big Book starting over at step One every 12 weeks. (This group believes that this 12 week study is not a substitute for taking the steps with a sponsor "in a few weeks"--perhaps 3 or 4--as suggested in the Book.)

The Study Uses the Question/Answer/Comment Format common to SAAPP Big Book Study telemeetings.  Questions are adapted by the study leader to address sex addiction. 

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Please join us for our “All 12 Steps in One Weekend” retreat/conference planned Oct 4-6, 2019 in Dallas, TX.  Sponsored by members of the SAA/saapp telemeetings Big Book Studies, all of SAA & COSA is invited.  There are two separate tracks--one for SAA and one for COSA.  (For more information, see  To register or request more information, see  Basic Registration is $55 which includes light meals Friday evening and Saturday lunch. Saturday evening, an optional plated dinner and "We Are Not A Glum Lot" Talent Show is $24.

notation:  (Chap#~Pg#.Parag#) "Search text " (hyperlink-page#s may differ)

Week 1 - Step One: (8/6/19)
(Ch4~44.1) "In the preceding chapters "
(Ch3~37.4) "Our behavior is as "
(Ch3~38.1) "On through the years "
(Ch3~38.2) "You may think our illustration "
(Ch3~30.2) "We learned "

Week 2 - Step Two; (8/13/19)
(Ch4~50.4) "Here are thousands "
(Ch4~55.1) "Yet we had "
(Ch4~55.2) "Actually we were "
(Ch4~55.3) "We finally saw "
(Ch4~55.4) "We can only "

Week 3 - Step 3: (8/20/19)
(Ch4~60.2) "Our description "
(Ch5~62.3) "This is the how "
(Ch5~63.1) "When we sincerely "
(Ch5~63.2) "We were now at "
(Ch5~63.3) "We found it very "

Week 4 - Step 4 (Resentments): (8/27/19)
(Ch5~65.1 & 65.2) "On our grudge " through Mr. Brown only  (No questions on this paragraph. Read only.)
(Ch5~66.3) "We turned back (Start questions on this paragraph)
(Ch5~66.4) "This was our course "
(Ch5~67.1) "We avoid retaliation "
(Ch5~67.2) "Referring to our list "

Week 5 - Step 4 (Fears): (9/3/19)
(Ch5~62.1) "Selfishness--self-centeredness " (No questions on this paragraph. Read only.)
(Ch5~67.3) "Notice that the word " (Start questions on this paragraph)
(Ch5~68.1) "We reviewed our fears "
(Ch5~68.2) "Perhaps there is "
(Ch5~68.3) "We never apologize "

Week 6: - Step 4 (Sex and Other Harms): (9/10/19)
(Ch5~69.1) "We reviewed our own "
(Ch5~69.2) "In this way we "
(Ch5~69.3) "Whatever our ideal "
(Ch5~69.4) "God along can "
(Ch5~70.1) "Suppose we fall short "
(Ch5~70.2) "To sum up "

Week 7 - Step 5: (9/17/19)
(Ch6~73.4) "We must be entirely "
(Ch6~74.1) "If we cannot "
(Ch6~74.2) "Notwithstanding the "
(Ch6~75.1) "When we decide "
(Ch6~75.2) "We pocket our pride "
(Ch6~75.3) "Returning home we "

Week 8 - Steps 6, 7, & 8: (9/24/19)
(Ch6~75.3) "Returning home we "
(Ch6~76.1) "If we can answer "
(Ch6~76.2) "When ready, "
(Ch6~76.3) "Now we need more "

Week 9 - Step 9: (10/1/19)
(Ch6~76.3)[6]-[9] "Now we go out " (Read for context only)
(Ch6~78.3) "Perhaps we have committed " (QA for this paragraph
(Ch6~79.1) "Although these reparations "    and this paragraph together)
(Ch6~83.1) "Yes, there is a long "     (QA for this paragraph
(Ch6~83.2) "The spiritual life is not "   and this paragraph together)
(Ch6~83.3) "There may be some "

Week 10 - Step 10: (10/8/19)
(Ch6~84.2) "This thought "
(Ch6~84.3) "And we have ceased "
(Ch6~85.1) "It is easy to "
(Ch6~85.2) "Much has already been said "

Week 11 - Step 11: (10/15/19)
(Ch6~86.1) "When we retire "
(Ch6~86.2) "On awakening "
(Ch6~86.3) "In thinking about "
(Ch6~87.1) "If circumstances "

Week 12 - Step 12: (10/22/19)
(Ch7~89.1-2) "Practical experience shows "
(Ch11~159.2[4]-[eoPara]) "These men had found something..?"
(Ch7~97.1[2]-97.3) "Helping others is the foundation"

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