Workshop: Proactive and Reactive 10th Step Strategies
Friday Midday Big Book Study
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Other - see details below
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2021-05-22 13:00 US/Eastern
1 hour 30 minutes

Description of workshop:  Proactive and Reactive 10th Step Strategies

The focus is on the AA Big Book's "Proactive" side of the 10th Step which is often not emphasized, but if followed leads to less and less need of the defensive side of the 10th Step, e.g. reacting to selfishness, resentment, fear, etc..

The workshop addresses principally the directions presented in the four paragraphs of the 10th Step in the AA Big Book, but also references ideas found in other chapters of the book upon which the 10th Step is based. 

The goal of this workshop is to equip participants with a knowledge of the instructions for working the 10th Step "proactively" in our daily lives which in turn can lead to noticeable reductions in selfishness, resentment, dishonesty, and fear.

  • Participants will become more familiar with the "reactive" side of Step 10 which suggests what to do when selfishness, resentment, dishonesty, or fear do crop up for whatever reason.
  • Participants will become familiar with a register of practical/pragmatic attitudes, behaviors, and sensitivities that help us gauge what the book calls our "spiritual fitness" e.g. our ability to be helpful and useful to those around us with relatively little effort compared the effort often spent to keep our temper, avoid temptation, work through fear, etc..
  • Participants will become familiar with the suggestions and basis for the proactive side of the 10th Step and how to incorporate them into busy daily lives.

What you will need:

  • an AA Big Book

Note about the Study Format:

  • This is a study meeting adapting the Blue Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to recovery from sex addiction. Study meetings differ from Discussion meetings in that during the study portion of the meeting we avoid personal experiences, theories, opinions, or personal anecdotes or stories.  We ask all who participate to limit their comments to what we find in the book—instructions for working the 12 steps, principles of the program, "guides to progress", or the book's description and symptoms of the root causes of addiction, etc..  There will be a period of fellowship right after the study meeting where all attendees alike may share experiences, history, other literature, or discuss problems and solutions. All attendees are invited and encouraged to stick around for the fellowship.

As of Friday, 5/21/2021 ~ Number of registrants: 17

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