A Personal Perspective of Steps Four Through Seven with Chris X
Rey G
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Webcall - internet conference
Zoom mtg ID: 379 934 1922 password: 000000
2021-10-16 15:00 US/Pacific
1 hour 30 minutes

Chris believes the Twelve Steps were written under the inspiration of a power greater than the human author and they continue to inspire in ways he/they may not have imagined. Chris will describe in detail how Steps Four through Seven follow a logical, successive series that enliven his recovery.

    In Step Four, discover or rediscover true values by reflecting on situations which cause strong positive or negative emotions.
    In Step Five, identify the personal difficulties we have inherited, learnt, and reinforced, which have stopped us living life in line with true values.
    In Step Six, welcome ongoing experiences that challenge those defects which make us fearful of living without defects.
    In Step Seven, learn how to accept any lessons that new experiences may bring, even for unexpected personal growth.

Join us and deepen your recovery learning from Chris' experience, strength and hope.

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