Sanctuary of Spirituality
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Other - see details below
ZOOM video conference (PLEASE READ notes in details section below) To join, go to, click "join a meeting," or call 646-558-8656. Meeting ID: 656 947 288
Saturday 20:00 US/Eastern
1 hour
Deb in WV
Tom J (IA) 563-663-0202
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This is not a typical SAA meeting!  This meeting is intended to create a place for us to share more specifically about our religious and spiritual practices which help us work the 12 Steps of SAA. Anyone with a desire to stop addictive or compulsive sexual behavior is welcome to attend. Participants can use the video feature, which makes this like a face-to-face meeting, OR call in with a phone like a telemeeting. Any technical difficulties or questions should be directed to the meeting contacts and not the ISO office or the Telemeeting Intergroup.

To join by video:

Visit, click "join a meeting" and enter ID 656 947 288.  You can also download the app by signing up (free) for your own ZOOM account, but it is not necessary.

OUR GROUP CONSCIENCE IS THAT PARTICIPANTS WHO SEE OTHERS' VIDEOS MUST ALSO BE SEEN.  If you do not have a computer or phone with a camera, or you do not wish to be seen, please dial in like a telemeeting.

To join by phone only, call 646-558-8656 & enter ID 656 947 288

Please be aware that call-in participants' phone numbers will be displayed upon connection, unless *67 is pressed before dialing to disable caller ID.  As soon as a caller identifies him/herself, a Trusted Servant or Co-Host can replace the number with a first name.


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