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English (American)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
All - telephone, webcall and messaging
https://zoom.us/j/599565679 or phone:+19292056099, 599565679#
Thursday 11:00 US/Eastern
1 hour
Deb (267) 332-4698
Christine (260) 209-4445
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This is a "audio-recorded" mixed meeting for SPONSORS ONLY.  Anyone who has worked all 12 Steps with an SAA sponsor (and who has a desire to work with others) is encouraged to attend. This is an open discussion group, and members share their collective experience, strength, and hope regarding "what's going well, what could use improvement, learning from each other's triumphs or shortcomings, providing helpful hints, ideas, or suggesting various tools of recovery."  The intention of this meeting is: Improving our sponsor-sponsee relationships, and to help our sponsees grow spiritually as we carry the message -- that sexual sobriety is possible through working the 12 Steps of SAA.

To join the meeting with a device that has internet and video, click https://zoom.us/j/599565679

To join the meeting with audio only from the US, dial +19292056099, 599565679#

For audio only outside the US, visit https://zoom.us/u/ab0hfcJ8Mn and enter Zoom Meeting ID 599565679

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