Late Night Recovery
English (American)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Telephone - standard teleconference
Call 712-770-4973 Access code 160278 (same for all nights)
Friday 21:00 US/Pacific
1 hour 30 minutes
Marc (call/text) 360.399.6166
SAA LNR Moderator Script Fri v8.10.pdf
SAA LNR Readings.pdf
Sponsorship Information.pdf
Sobriety Tools.pdf
Inspirational Message.pdf
All night meeting.pdf
190726 LNR Agenda.txt
All Minutes.txt
2019 SAA Membership Survey.pdf

Information on Sponsorship can be found by clicking on the document “Sponsorship Information.pdf” above,   or by going here:

Late Night Recovery Meetings happen every day of the week, but the business meeting is held on the last Friday of the month, one hour into the meeting.  Business meetings can be either an open discussion about the direction and format of the meeting or it can be a formal business meeting with motions to vote on.   If you want to propose a discussion or a motion for the meeting, please email:  For past minutes and this month's agenda, please see the links to those documents found in the meeting details, above.

Fellow SAA Member,

Enclosed you will find the 2019 Membership Survey.  Much like AA and other 12 Step organizations have done in the past, SAA is now reaching out to all members to help us understand the demographics of our members.  This will help us determine the best way to reach out to other suffering sex addicts and help us get our message to the professional community and public at large.

The data will be correlated and an infographic will be produced to display the data. Your anonymity will be maintained at all steps. It is imperative that all members of SAA fill out a survey for us to get an accurate picture of our fellowship.  Much like the US Census, we need to know how our members are distributed so we can serve you and other addicts in your area better.

Each and every member of the fellowship should fill out this survey. 

The survey can be filled out online at the following link:



A PDF copy of the survey can also be found in the Files section, above.  Please email, fax or mail the document to the ISO office:
PO BOX 70949
Houston, TX 77270
Fax +1-713-692-0105

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