Hope and Recovery Men's Open
English (United States)
Men - male sex addicts seeking recovery
Telephone - standard teleconference
Phone: +1-712-770-8095 access code: 831908. To mute use 4* - Open to any man with an interest in SAA recovery.
Sunday 07:00 US/Pacific
1 hour
David from France / Email: saamensmeeting@gmail.com (will respond immediately with add'l contact info) / (men only)
Jon from LA / Email: jackracer64@gmail.com (will respond immediately with add'l contact info)
Mens Hope Recovery Meeting Readings May 2016.pdf
Mens Hope and Recovery Guide December 2019.pdf

To keep our meeting safe, we are sometimes compelled to lock the conference at the start time. Please try to be on time. If you are having problems connecting, send us a message below; the email is monitored during the call -- we will respond immediately.

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