Back to the Basics - newcomers and others
Dan B (WA)
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Telephone - standard teleconference
Call 1-605-313-5152 passcode 925505 around 9:15 PT to register online; conference will start at 9:30 (could be later)
2020-01-04 09:30 US/Pacific
6 hours 30 minutes
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Back to the Basics of Recovery for SAA ("newcomers meeting" -- not just for newcomers)

The workshop uses the guide outlined by Wally P. Attendees will be taken through the 12 steps of recovery in one day in much the same way as those early A.A. members did. Each person shares with someone in their program (bring you sponsor if you can, or a temporary guide will be provided). 

Come to experience 12 step recovery for the first, second, or more time. 

The workshop, sponsored by the Shoreline, WA SAA meeting, is offered both as a face-2-face [f2f] workshop and as a teleconference, which is for SAA members only. 

The teleconference will be managed using the dashboard, to minimize noise and interruptions. 

CHECK BACK on the day of the workshop for a phone number to call in case of problems on the Teleconference, including access.

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