How to Spend Less Time in the 10th Step by Spending More Time in the 10th Step
Friday Midday Big Book Study
English (United States)
Open - anyone interested in recovery
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2022-03-12 12:00 US/Central
1 hour 30 minutes
The Proactive Tenth Step.pdf

The focus is on the AA Big Book’s “Proactive” side of the 10th Step which is often not emphasized, but if practiced diligently leads to growth in all areas of life and increased effectiveness in the 12th Step, plus less need over time for the “Reactive” side of the 10th Step, as dangers of "excitement, fear, anger, worry, self-pity, and foolish decisions" decrease.

The workshop answers the questions:
--“What IS ’Fit Spiritual Condition’?”
--"What role do Steps 2 through 9 play in regaining "Fit Spiritual Condition' if lost or disrupted by selfishness, resentment, etc...?"
--"Where does the power for maintaining 'Fit Spiritual Condition' come from?"
--"What are the actual instructions for maintaining 'Fit Spiritual Condition'?"
--"How are Steps 11 & 12 connected with maintaining 'Fit Spiritual Condition'?"

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