Basic Recovery for SAA 12 Step "Newcomers" workshop (not just for newcomers)
Dan B (WA)
English (United States)
Open - anyone interested in recovery
Telephone - standard teleconference
Before: email for reservation, and to connect with a sponsor. Then on Jan 9, call-in 1-605-475-6333 passcode 146285[#].(1st session call between 9:15 & 9:30am PST) (no new calls after 11:00am PST please)
2016-01-09 09:30 US/Pacific
6 hours 45 minutes
big book references with 3rd 4th edition.pdf

Newcomers Meetings are not just for newcomers! This is the 10th annual First Saturday Basic Recovery teleconference & f2f workshop. Welcome back, repeat "newcomers"!! 

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED to pair you with (or as) a guide/temporary sponsor, before the telemeeting starts: email

We strongly recommend you have a copy of the our textbook, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA "Big Book") 4th edition (or 3rd edition is ok, too); also have a pen or pencil and highlighter, plus paper, water, snacks, lunch ... and phone charger.  Optional but helpful: AA Back To Basics (yellow cover) book by Wally P

Most times your phone needs to be muted, as workshop is mostly presentations, except occasionally to answer 'yes' or 'no'. [If your phone doesn't have a mute function, use "(star) 6" to mute and the same to un-mute.]

Many times groups gather around a table and call in on a speaker phone. (Have a copy of the 4 session scripts ready, in case of bad phone audio).

We have a great need for persons to serve as telemeeting "guides" or "temporary sponsors", especially those who attended in the past, or who have worked (several of) the steps with a sponsor. (We provide instructions for guides). Bring your own sponsor or get a temporary sponsor if you can.

Note: the AA Big Book, 3rd edition, is available online (for example; But many have found it helpful to follow the readings in a new or used printed book, highlighting the readings.  Others follow in AA Back To Basics by Wally P.

(legal disclaimers -- Basic Recovery for SAA is modified from "Back To Basics AA Newcomers Meetings" by Wally P., and with permission of Wally P and the AA Back To Basics Foundation -- see, contingent on changing the name to Basic Recovery for SAA, naming the source of the material, and making no profit.

This workshop is sponsored by the Shoreliine (WA USA) Monday 6:30pm (Pacific Time) SAA meeting (Mixed)

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