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This page is an invitation to saapp service reps to consider a monthly meeting to discuss issues and solutions that face service reps in the service of their groups.  It is completely unofficial and is suggested as a possible way to facilitate communication between service reps seeking to help one another as the need may arise. 

All inquiries are welcome, particularly service reps for SAAPP Big Book Study Telemeetings Listed on

Unofficial list of SAA Q&A Big Book studies here on

Name of Meeting Day Time(EST) Time(PST) Phone Access
7am Big Book study Sunday 10a 7a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
SAAPP Hispano Sunday 5p 2p (haga clic aquí)  
Mixed Big Book study Sunday 9p 6p +1-712-770-4160 215701#
SAAPPG Monday AM Monday 8a 5a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
SAAPPG Tuesday Morning
Tuesday 9a 6a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
Big Book SAAPP Tue 9p EST / 6p PST Tuesday 9p 6p +1-712-770-4160 215701#
WedBBStudy Wednesday 8a 5a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
There is a Solution Big Book Study
Wednesday 12a 9p +1-712-770-4160 215701#
SAAPPG Wednesday Evening Wednesday 7:30p 4:30p +1-712-770-4160 215701#
Rise-n-Shine Big Book Study Thursday 7a 4a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
Thursday Big Book Study Thursday 7:30p 4:30p +1-712-770-4160 215701#
SAAPPG Friday AM Friday 9a 6a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
Friday Midday Zoom Big Book study Friday 2p 11a (See Meeting Page)  n/a
SAAPPG Saturday AM Saturday 8a 5a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
Big Book Foundation Saturday 10a 7a +1-712-770-4160 215701#
Saturday Night BB Study & Meditation Saturday 12a 9p +1-712-770-4160 215701#
Big Book Foundation Replay All days All hours 24/7/365 +1-712-770-4169 215701#


Note about connecting to these numbers:

In early 2020, some members report problems connecting through certain cell phone providers.

If you have trouble and your carrier confirms it is not "just a glitch", here is one possible solution:

A Skype subscription - For example, as of 1-14-2020, a U.S. Skiype subscription with unlimited U.S. minutes is $2.99 per month.  Make calls from mobile phone through downloadable Skype mobile app.  Uses wi-fi or carrier data (whichever is your current connection) to connect to any U.S. number. For more info, go to:

If you or someone you know has found an alternative solution, please let us know at

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