Late Night Recovery
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Audio only
Dial the number, then enter the code with # at the end. Keep trying if you get it wrong.
Thursday 21:00 US/Pacific
1 hour
Celeste 312-614-2038 *must text first before calling*
V16 SAA LNR Moderator Script V.16 JG 12 5 20.pdf
SAA LNR Readings V13 2021.pdf
Sponsorship Information.pdf
Sobriety Tools.pdf
Late Night Recovery Promises PDF.pdf
All night meeting.pdf
LNR Safety Memo.pdf
V16 SAA LNR Moderator Script V.16 JG 12 5 20.pdf
See Friday and Monday Late Night Recovery Tab.pdf

Most of us:
 - dial 712.775.7465   
 - enter the passcode 606024

If that gives you a telecom error (i.e. this number has been disconnected...):
 - call the backup number 425.535.9190
 - when prompted, enter in the original phone number: 712.775.7465
 - enter in the passcode: 606024#

THANK YOU to those of you that completed our LNR Meeting 4th Step Inventory, answering questions on how the meeting is operating and whether or not we upholding the SAA traditions.  We will post the results once we've cleansed them of identifying names and begin discussing them at the upcoming business meeting on Monday, November 18th.  Our business meetings are only 30 minutes long, so it will take a while to go through everything.  Please be patient!

Information on Sponsorship can be found by clicking on the document “Sponsorship Information.pdf” above,   or by going here:

Late Night Recovery Meetings happen every day of the week, but the business meeting is held on the FIRST FRIDAY and THIRD MONDAY of the month, one hour into the meeting.  Business meetings can be either an open discussion about the direction and format of the meeting or it can be a formal business meeting with motions to vote on.   If you want to propose a discussion or a motion for the meeting, please email:  For past minutes and this month's agenda, please see the AGENDA and MINUTES files found in the meeting details for the details for Monday and Friday nights:


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