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Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
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Bobby from Houston
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This is a Zoom meeting. Video is required... Please use contact form below to request to join...
Please Note: As we get to about 12 mins before meeting start time, we MAY be unable to reply until after the close of the meeting.
We regret this inconvenience.

This is a primary purpose Big Book study using "Questions for Group Big Book Study" which is a work in progress by members of this Group. 

-- The Questions for the study attempt to provide book-wide context for each paragraph as the study progresses through the book week by week.

-- By "Primary Purpose", we mean that the purpose of the Group as a whole and for individual members is to "Carry the Message" of the SAA 12 Steps as outlined in the Big Book.

-- Note about the Meeting Format: This is a Study meeting using the blue book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Study meetings differ from Discussion meetings in that during the study portion of the meeting we avoid personal experiences, theories, opinions, personal anecdotes, or stories.  We ask all who participate to limit their comments to what may be found in the book such as the precise instructions for working the 12 steps, the principles of the steps, the book's "guides to progress", the book's description and symptoms of sex addiction, etc..  There will be a period of fellowship right after the meeting where visitors and members alike share experiences, history, other literature, or almost anything. Members or visitors who have questions or wish to discuss problems or solutions are invited and encouraged to stick around for the fellowship. This is also a great time to get to know one another.  

Please click here for an unofficial list of non-Zoom, regular, no rigamarole to join, primary purpose Big Book study telemeetings (i.e. phone or skype audio only)...

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