Late Night Recovery
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Audio only
See 'How to Connect' below.
Sunday 21:00 US/Pacific
1 hour
Sherry G 314.474.6519
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New Access Code: 9619345 

How to Connect

There are two methods of connecting:

Connect via Telephone

See International Calling Numbers in the Documents section for additional call-in numbers.

  1. Dial (667) 770-1484 and enter the passcode 9619345.
  2. If that gives you a telecom error (i.e. this number has been disconnected...)
    1. Call the backup number (425) 535-9190.
    2. When prompted, enter in the original phone number (667) 770-1484.
    3. Enter in the passcode 9619345.

Connect via Mobile App

  1. Download the FCCHD app from Google Play or Apple iTunes.
  2. Join a new meeting using the following information:
    1. Phone number: (667) 770-1484
    2. Access Code: 9619345


We do not engage in crosstalk, which means to interrupt or directly respond to the shares of other members. By group conscience, only the moderator may interrupt a member who is speaking.

Because this is a telemeeting, the laws of all locations represented apply, so to protect yourself and others please do not be specific as to when, where, with whom, or how you have acted out. This meeting is for people age 18 and over.

Please avoid mentioning the specific name of a website, book, movie, treatment center or the like in your share. Additionally, we use the words ‘I’ or ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ when sharing. We do not interrupt or give advice.

Unlike other meetings you may have attended, Late Night Recovery has a boundary where we ask you to refer to sexual behavior generically, either using the words “acting out” or “healthy sexuality,” rather than using specific terms, explicit descriptions or offensive language.

The focus of this meeting is on the solution rather than the problem. We share our experience, strength, and hope.

Please feel free to be more specific, although not explicit, and to share phone numbers, or to look for a sponsor, during fellowship.


We have a men's and women's phone list. To get the list or to have your number added, email the men's list here or the women's list here. More information on sponsorship can be found on the SAA Recovery website here.

7th Tradition

We ask that you donate to the SAA telemeeting intergroup online at ( On the left-hand column you will find a "Donate" button to donate online as well as the current mailing address to donate by mail.

Business Meetings

Late Night Recovery Meetings happen every day of the week, but the business meeting is held on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month, one hour into the meeting. If you want to propose a motion for the meeting, please email:

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