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Saturday 13:00 US/Eastern
1 hour 30 minutes
Jodi - Chair / Michael - Web Coordinator / Ben - Secretary
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This is not a regular SAA meeting; it is the SAA Big Book Study Intergroup's (BBSI) business meeting page.
The BBSI meets ONLY on the 1st Saturday of each month.
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The SAA Big Book Study Intergroup serves SAA groups and members who use the text of Alcoholics Anonymous (a.k.a., the Big Book) to take the Twelve Steps of SAA and to carry their SAA message of recovery from sex addiction.  Member groups faithfully follow the Twelve Traditions of SAA as adapted from those of AA to whose authors and whose trusted servants this Intergroup's members continue to bear their gratitude. 

Intergroup Representatives are sent from member groups and meet the first Saturday of each month at the time listed above.  The meeting is open to members of any member group, to persons interested in the Intergroup, and to members of SAA as a whole. 

All inquiries are welcome, particularly service reps from SAA Big Book Study meetings whether telemeeting or F2F meetings.

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Please visit our website to make a donation directly to the BBSI:

Name of Meeting (click to go to page) Day Time (PST) Time (EST) Time (CET) Telemeeting Phone Access
7am Big Book study Sunday 7 am 10 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
Sunday Evening Big Book Study Sunday 6 pm 9 pm   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
SAAPPG Monday AM Monday 5 am 8 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
SAAPPG Tuesday Morning Tuesday 6 am 9 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
Big Book SAAPP Tue 9p EST / 6p PST Tuesday 6 pm 9 pm   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
WedBBStudy Wednesday 5 am 8 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
There is a Solution Big Book Study Wednesday 9 pm 12 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
SAA Big Book Solution Group (Dallas) Wednesday 4:25 pm 7:25 pm   (See Mtg Page) Tele & F2F
SAAPPG Wednesday Evening Wednesday 4:30 pm 7:30 pm   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
Rise-n-Shine Big Book Study Thursday 4 am 7 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
SAAPP Nordic (Stockholm) Thursday 11 am 2 pm 20:00 CET  (See Mtg Page) zoom
A Vision for You Big Book Group of SAA Thursday 10:40 am 1:40 pm   (See Mtg Page)  
Charlotte In-Depth Recovery Group of SAA Thursday 4:00 pm 7:00 pm   (See Mtg Page) zoom & F2F
Thursday Big Book Study Thursday 4:30 pm 7:30 pm   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
Taking Action Group (McKinney, TX) Thursday 4:30 pm 7:30 pm   (See Mtg Page) zoom & F2F
SAAPPG Friday AM Friday 6 am 9 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
Midday Big Book Study (US Times) (Zoom) Friday 11 am 2 pm   (See Mtg Page) zoom
SAAPP Sverige (Sweden) Saturday 1 am 4 am 10:00 CET  (See Mtg Page) zoom
SAAPPG Saturday AM Saturday 5 am 8 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
Big Book Foundation Saturday 7 am 10 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
SAAPP Hispano Saturday 2 pm 6 pm   (haga clic aquí) Tele
Understanding the Big Book Saturday  10:55 am 1:55 pm   (See Mtg Page)  
Speaker SAAPP Saturday Night Saturday 5 pm 8 pm   (See Mtg Page) zoom
Taking Action Group (McKinney, TX) Saturday 6:30 am 9:30 am   (See Mtg Page) zoom & F2F
Saturday Night BB Study & Meditation Saturday 9 pm 12 am   +1-717-908-1834 215701#
Big Book Foundation Replay All days All hours 24/7/365   +1-717-908-1837 215701#


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