Women In Recovery
English (United States)
Women - female sex addicts seeking recovery
Video and audio
Please email sarahmbrooks@gmail.com for access information.
Thursday 18:00 US/Pacific
1 hour

Women In Recovery meets on Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm Pacific Time.  We average about 30 women at each meeting!  This group was founded in 2016 as an in person meeting in Portland Oregon but moved permanently to zoom in 2020. 

Our format on Thursday is a either a 1st Step presentation or a Topic meeting.  We use only SAA literature for topic meetings.

Our format on Monday is to read the Step of the month in the 1st week, then the pages 14-19 out of the Green Book (Defining Abstinence and the Three Circles) the 2nd week, then the Tradition of the month the 3rd week, then we read pages 62 to 66 out of the Green Book (Tools of Recovery) the 4th week.

We focus on supporting all newcomers with fellowship for at least 30 minutes after each meeting answering questions while also honoring Tradition 10, we have no opinion on outside issues and avoid divisive topics.   We offer newcomer literature packages at no cost to newcomers!

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