Thursday Global Zoom 'Steps to Freedom'
English (United Kingdom)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Video and audio
Zoom meeting ID: 499 962 4312. See below for Dial-in details. For the meeting password please email the exact word “Password” in the subject line to for an automated email response with the passcode for this meeting.
Thursday 19:55 Europe/London
1 hour 15 minutes
+44 (0)7522 176345
Martin (GSR), Jay (Newcomer servant)
SAA Thursday Global Zoom Steps To Freedom Meeting Script Rev.12.pdf
Zoom International Dial-in Numbers.pdf

Please note that this meeting remains on local London, UK time each week:

London, UK - 19:55 to 21:15

This is a closed mixed-sex meeting. The only requirement for attending this meeting is those with a desire to stop addictive sexual behaviour.

To reassure members, our meetings are not recorded. We also follow AA safety Guidelines.

There is additional outreach support available for women. Please use the women's phone line on +44 07766 075247 or women's email There is also a welcome letter for female newcomers available here.



  1. We prefer and encourage you to connect with video unless your internet connection or other personal preferences necessitate otherwise.
  2. Please could you use your name and your chosen introduction when speaking - for example, ‘My name’s x and I’m an addict’.
  3. If you need to move around, eat, walk around outside or engage in other distracting behaviours, please turn off your camera for that time.
  4. To maintain call quality, please keep your microphone on mute unless you are invited to speak.
  5. If you arrive late you will be accepted into the meeting, however, we ask that you enter quietly and mute your microphone quickly in order to avoid disturbing other members. If you wish to leave early, please do so quietly and leave a message in the chat box.


For general queries related to this meeting, please contact the newcomer servant, Jay, by email to with any word other than 'Password' in the subject line.


We look forward to welcoming you to our meeting. 



How to Zoom :


There is an app for android and iphone. Get the app and join a meeting with the details above. For meeting passwords please text or email your name to the contact details above, confirming that you are a member of SAA. At this meeting we encourage all members to switch on their video to promote closer connection, but this is not compulsory.  Give yourself a name to preserve your anonymity, like "Bob B".

One-click link to join:



☎️ You can dial in off any phone (including dumbphone). International dial in numbers can be found in the attached document. Then, follow the instructions to enter 499 962 4312 for the Meeting ID and the meeting password. For meeting passwords please text or email your name to the contact details above, confirming that you are a member of SAA.

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