Practicing Principles
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Audio only
Phone: 605-475-6333 Access Code: 258258
Thursday 18:00 US/Central
1 hour
Thurs Practicing The Principles.pdf
Thurs Practicing The Principles.pdf
Thurs Practicing Readings.odt
Thurs Practicing The Principles.odt

International access numbers also available.

The meeting is scheduled in UK time. Call charges vary. Check with your service provider. With some packages international access can work out cheaper even if you are in the UK.

The script is available for you to follow and volunteer for a brief reading if you wish.

If the cost of the call is an issue it may be a good idea to register with Skype and purchase telephone credits from them which will make the call a lot cheaper than most UK landline providers.

I have found the cheapest way for me is to purchase USA telephone credits from Skype and dial into the meeting using the North American access number! (Click the link here International access numbers)

Sounds a bit weird but is actually worth the effort just in terms of savings. The calls used to cost over £4.00 an hour now nearer to 60 - 70 pence.

The meeting will be followed by fellowship. A chance to check-in or just get to know your fellows on the journey.

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