A Mindful Path to Recovery
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Audio only
call-in: 1-605-475-6333, access code: 754447#
Tuesday 10:00 US/Central
1 hour 15 minutes
Meeting Guide and Script 8-1-19.docx
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Group Conscience 6-7-16.docx

The following is an overview of our 11th step-oriented meeting.

All are welcome to attend the 10 AM Central Time, open meeting called "A Mindful Path to Recovery" of Sex Addicts Anonymous. Your participation does not require previous experience with meditation, the 11th step, or time in recovery. We attendees are men and women who are recovering from sex addiction and are interested in studying and practicing the 11th step to strengthen our conscious contact with our higher power and our connection to each other in the spirit of recovery. Many of us have found that the quality of our recovery, awareness, attentiveness, understanding, compassion, and even our ability to work with our emotions is improved if we practice the 11th step and meditation regularly. We practice our recovery skills together in a gentle, non-judgmental environment aided by the contemplative practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Though we do recognize the validity of all meditation traditions, we have for now, adopted the simple and classical form of meditation called Mindfulness Meditation which we practice weekly for 10-15 minutes.

At the end of our script, we have a series of short readings that are called the "7 Attitudes of Mindfulness" which provide us with both inspiration and practical application for the challenges we face in recovery from sex addiction and for life in general. We also use "conference approved" literature as well as the Answers in the Heart daily reader.  Please note we are like many meetings which start and end with the serenity prayer, check-ins, topic readings, healthy group sharing boundaries, 7th tradition, and the Ottawa Promises. We also encourage the sharing of phone numbers for continued fellowship.

Thank you for our interest and have a peaceful day.

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