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Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions.


Cookies are little notes stored on your computer by many of the websites you visit. This website only stores cookies as absolutely required for your visit to this website, as follows:

  1. Your preferred language
    The website tries to use the best international language for you based on your computer settings or your choice. It stores a cookie to remember your choice for your next visit.
  2. Your login details
    If you select 'Remember me' when you login, the website stores your login details on the computer you are using so that whoever uses it will be logged in even if your session times out. Do not select this option on a shared computer.

Personal data

No personal data is stored unless you register with the website as a member. In most cases this website only stores data which you have deliberately submitted, except for points 9 and 10 below. At the time of submission you are prompted to specify who you want to be allowed to see it: Anyone who visits the website; Members who have logged in to the website; or Administrators only. Administrators in this context means Intergroup-appointed trusted servants who access data solely for the purpose of administering the website. You can restrict the visibility of your information at any time to Administrators only. You may request wider visibility, but this requires Administrator approval.

  1. Username
    Visible to the website team
  2. Password
    Not visible to anyone, although the website team can change it at your request
  3. Name
    Always visible to the website team, and to others at your discretion if you submit other information such as Membership, Meeting, Event, Resources or Forum posts
  4. Email address
    Always visible to trusted servants, and may be visible to Members or Anyone at your request
  5. About me
    Visible only to the website team
  6. Membership information
    Always visible to trusted servants, and may be visible to other Members on the membership list at your request
  7. Meetings, Events, Resources, or personal Stories
    Always visible to trusted servants, and may be visible to Members or Anyone at your request
  8. Forum posts
    Visible to trusted servants and other Members logged in to the website
  9. Your computer's Internet address
    Visible to trusted servants if you submit a Forum post, to prevent abuse
  10. Date of registration, last visit, last password reset and number of reset attempts
    Visible to the website team, to monitor unused or compromised accounts

Removing your data

You can request the complete removal of any or all of your data using the form below. Follow your browser instructions if you want to remove any cookies.


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