English (United States)
Poem; Hope

Something I wrote a long time ago when I was feeling hopeful and full of strenght.



Thursday, December 17, 2020



Today’s a new day, another chance

To start again anew

Today’s the day I break the chains

That had me so subdued


Today’s the day that I will rise

Above my old self

With hopes and dreams that’ll come true

Today I’ll be myself


I am worthy of being happy

I’m going to reach my goals

Nothing is greater than my will

Nothing is stronger than my soul


The only person I will feel less than

Is the person I’ll be tomorrow…

Today I renounce negativity

And be bigger than my sorrow


Today, my past and my future

Will compress and merge into the present

I am in control of my own world

And I acknowledge my own presence


I am master of my own kingdom

I am the pilot of this flight

And with love and endless gratitude

The universe will prove me right

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