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My name is Mark w. and I am a sex, love,fantasy addict in recovery with a hint of sexual anorexia -especially to my primary partners. I was a pediatrician for over 25 years until I lost my medical license for acting out with mother's of patients. I was also involved in sexting and contacting my families through social media which was frowned upon by the board. I have been in S fellowships for 5 years now and have been currently sober for the past 2 months of them. My sobriety really improved when I found my higher power which consists of a combination of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Mother earth, ,my family and my current step group. Thank you.

So, after I lost my medical license, I was more stressed dealing will all the legal and financial aspects of this event. I continued to act out and became suicidal. I lost respectful from children, my wife, my neighbors and extended family. Fortunately , my elderly parents help support me until I was able to get a job in another field. After a prolonged period of abstinence, I was evaluated to see if I could get my license back and return to practicing medicine. Unfortunately , even though I had started another ," s"  fellowship and was sober, I was not inrecovery and still feltshame about my actions. As a result, I still felt shame during the evaluation and failed my lie detection test. 

It wasn't until  3 years later than I had worked the steps few times, found my higher power and started feeling a sense of recovery. Thank you for allowing me to share.  One Day At a Time.


Mark w. Sex love and fantasy addict from New Hampshire

603 630 7634.




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