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Enslaved by the Screen Devil
Hi, my name is Scott, I'm a 66, almost 67 year old Scotsman living now in the North West of England. I have 5 daughters and 2 sons, I did have 6 daughters but sadly I lost her back in 1987 when she passed away at the age of 7. I have been addicted to pornography and acting out for over 50 years, first through magazines and then through the internet. I have been sober/ clean for 2 years now and I have also, and still am in therapy for the same length of time as I have been sober/ clean. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Like a lot of men I suppose, I saw pornography as a "guy thing". May'be I was a bit naive, but I didn't think that you could become addicted to porn or acting out, and I had no idea that women could become addicted. Over the many years of my addiction I destroyed relationships, lost jobs, ignored even the closest members of my family. My partner, my children, and later on my grandchildren and grew irritated and even angry if my porn watching and actIng out were interrupted or delayed by family or employment obligations, in fact anything that disturbed my time at my tablet. I isolated and withdrew from friends and family because my addiction was more important than they were, and, over time, I forgot how to live life.Today I'm learning to live life, to participate in reality instead of the virtual world that I inhabited for so many years.

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