A member's story

Graced and Blessed
I am married--- for 34 years and have 2 grown children--- and was graced by God to have shared my SSA with my wife 4 years ago about my lifelong struggle with SSA and some resulting compulsive behaviors.

As long I could remember, I felt "other than" with my male counterparts because of my sensitive nature and then being ridiculed and unaccepted. I learned to cope with most of the frustration of not being accepted by who I was by isolating and self-medicating which developed more fully as I got older with porn addiction and fantasy.

I have come to understand that my sensitivity is a gift from God and He is now using it to help others. Through the 12 step and a renewed daily dedication to connecting with my Higher Power - Jesus Christ, I am now experiencing the peace, contentment, and significance that God had in mind for me from the beginning.

In between, I have been on a wild ride realizing, confronting, forgiving, seeking amends and generally re-aligning my inner self with my outer self. I have a GREAT group of brothers both SSA and OSA that are walking with me as well as a wife who has shown unbelievable patience and encouragement. We have continued to grow closer. I know marriage is not for all, but God has really let this relationship grow as we have shared this new Journey of transparency and truth.

I have completed the 12-Steps and am working with my church now to start a new Biblical 12 step Discipleship course this Fall (2015). I am so thankful for finding the 12 Step process that lead me to deep understanding of who God really created me to be and guiding me on the path of total surrender so He could Grace me with true healing and restoration!!

I know personally.... There IS hope for ALL who feel isolated, alone, out-of-control, separated, unaccepted, shamed, and much MORE, because I have been there!!

I have had great conversations with men with all issues because the core struggles remain universal....even if the behaviors and acting-out choices differ. I urge you... don't wait or continue half-measures in isolation... reach out!!!

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