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Hi I am Jim and I am a lust addict. I have been one since childhood. I am currently sober and have been for three days as I broke my sobriety over the weekend. I have been actively involved in recovery for 18 months as I got to the point that my viewing of porn had reached a point where I was losing my sanity. I 're-entered the rooms' of sobriety and recovery via another S fellowship where I am still active. Prior to that I had 'white knuckled' it (unsuccessfully) for nearly 12 years.

I have gone through all the steps, have a sponsor whom I have known for 19 years (he has been a sponsor for about 13 years) and I am currently working step 12. I am not as sober as I would like to be but since I re-entered active recovery via joining groups over the internet and phone lines, I have been sober about 90% of the time. Spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection!

I have been working on developing and strengthening my boundaries to recovery and gain a better and longer sobriety.

I entered recovery in 1990 and am grateful for the groups I have been part of.

Looking forward to meeting fellow journeyers on the road to recovery!

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