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Pornography addiction
Like most people that have a grown addicted to porn, I used to buy it in pornography stores before it became free on line.

Like most people that have a grown addicted to porn, I used to buy it in pornography stores before it became free on line.  I felt that it was okay and I wasn't really hurting anyone at first.  It seemed innocent in the beginning  because I had heard so many people were doing it and it was a topic of a lot of conversations.  It wasn't until my present girl had caught me a couple of times and I would lie to try to keep it concealed.  Now my addiction is at a point that if I don't stop it will end our relationship and I don't want that to happen.  She also deserves a lot better than that for all the times she has been there for me.  I cannot keep disrespecting her that way.  Now that I am well on my way to being a better person I want to hep others in the same way that this treatment program has helped me. 
     I am currently taking advantage of the group SAA meeting in my local area and have just recently started doing the open line on Thursday at 9 PST.  I have been doing the readings and shares for the past month.  I am currently 11 months and some change sober and have been regularly attending a new church with my girlfriend. She still struggles from time to time but I am assuring her that I will never turn that way again.  I have turned my life to to God and the better of humanity.  We have also attended couples therapy and are doing the work to change my addictive behaviors.  
     Some of the ways I would like to help others once I feel more removed from the addictive behavior would be to moderate or organize some group meetings in my very local area.  Currently there isn’t anything in my local town that I am aware and I have to drive 40 minutes to a neighboring town for the moment.  I know there has to be people like me that are suffering or are dealing with similar acting out behaviors and I would like to let them know that there is hope.  No longer must you travel that road without guidance and that there is someone that can assist with your pain and suffering.  Where a person can feel whole again and lead a normal life.  Those that seek help should be able to find it without shame and start to put theirs lives back together.  To reunite families and the ones that the addict has pushed away.  

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