Sunday 8AM PST
English (United States)
Mixed - any sex addicts seeking recovery
Audio only
Multiple numbers available... see notes below
Sunday 08:00 US/Pacific
1 hour
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2012 Agenda Sunday 8am Business Meeting.pdf
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How to Join:

Dial any of the following four numbers and enter the 5666338# when prompted by the computer:

    (605) 475 4122
    (712) 832 8330
    (641) 426 1600
    (605) 475-2875 (Not Currently Working as of 8/9/20)    

If one number does not connect you right away, hang up and try another one.  Some numbers are having trouble recognizing keypresses from different carriers and/or cell phone models.



This is a literature meeting, where we read from books agreed upon by the members of our group.  Participants in our meeting are NOT required to have their own copies of the books that we read from. 

At our November 1, 2020 meeting, we discussed several books that the fellowship proposed we might read going forward after first going through a process to identify our values/priorities.  Those results can be found here and they basically limited us to consider books that had a daily-meditation format.

We then decided to read one daily entry from the following two books:

Voices of Recovery

Mirror of Intimacy 

A free online version of Voices of Recovery can be found using the link above.  VOR has been approved by the SAA ISO Conference.

Mirror of Intimacy has not been reviewed by the SAA ISO Conference to our knowledge, let alone been approved.


This is a closed mixed meeting with a focus on literature readings as selected through a group conscience.  Currently, we are reading from Voices of Recovery.  A copy of Voices of Recovery can be ordered through or you can stream a read-only, online copy for free here.

The business meeting for this telemeeting is held on the first Sunday of each month.  The minutes for past meetings and agenda for our upcoming meeting can be found among the documents listed above.  If you would like to make a motion or add an item to the agenda that you would like to discuss at our next meeting, please email


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