A member's story

Who Am I!
Been a sex addict for some time but didn't know it.

I am a strong alpha personality for over 90 per cent of my life.  Could handle anything that came along . . . except the part of me that is a sex addict.  This past June I got an awakening of my life and came to the conclusion that I am completely helpless in my addiction.  I have no other addictions, no other problems.  Telemeetings have helped me tremendously since there are no face-to-face meetings within an hour and a half drive.  They have brought me a serenity that I have never had.  Stress sets me off.  I have had three careers in my life.  I have held higher positions of authority with a great deal of responsibilities.  Never had a problem with any of those and excelled at what I did.  There has never been a cross over between professional and private life.  The only person in the world that I have wronged is my wife.  We are piecing things back together and both are confident that we will form a new bond.  Since I admitted my addiction I have made forward progress in my recovery.

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