The Telemeeting Intergroup of Sex Addicts Anonymous is a service board directly responsible to telemeetings that have chosen to register with it. The Intergroup maintains this web site and provides services to SAA telemeetings throughout the world.

Contact details for individual telemeetings are available by selecting the appropriate meeting from the meeting list.

General enquiries Our email servant will redirect your query if you are not sure which of the other contacts is appropriate
Intergroup chair The Intergroup chair is responsible for the smooth running of Intergroup committee meetings and interim decisions
Intergroup secretary The Intergroup secretary prepares committee agendas and minutes and maintains general records
Webmaster The Website committee maintains this website
Announcements The Announcements servant accepts announcements for inclusion in the newsletter
Contacts committee The Contact list committee is responsible for maintaining the members shared contact list
Distribution committee The Distribution coordinator is responsible for any issues with Intergroup email distribution
Intergroup treasurer The Intergroup treasurer is responsible for the efficient conduct and reporting of finance
Literature committee The Literature committee reviews and approves general articles and personal stories for publication
Meetings committee The Meetings committee is responsible for maintaining contact with meetings and assisting with registration
Policy committee The Policy committee prepares detailed policies for Intergroup consideration
Scheduling committee The Scheduling committee coordinates the free telephone conference service available to any registered telephone meeting
Workshops committee The Workshop committee coordinates telemeeting workshops on a number of topics related to Sex Addiction Recovery

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