A member's story

Late learner
I grew up with a strong Catholic background in a small midwestern city. Early on, I found I was attracted to guys and was very ashamed of it since I knew it did not coincide with my religion nor the culture where I was living.

I made attempts on compensating for it in sports, dating girls, etc. but there was no escaping it.  I decided to confirm it with a sexual experience with a guy when I was 18.  That experience bludgeoned into a repetitive experience in which I lost control.  I went to two psychologists and 1 psychiatrist - no one could "cure" me of being gay.  Finally, a good Catholic friend said to me "Marry a girl and you'll get over it." Not true.  It only hid more deeply my acting out.  In desperation, I heard of the group SAA and I took it as my last hope.  I have been attending meetings for over five months and am diligently looking for a sponsor.  I hear the testimonies of others and I finally have hope that things can change!!!

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