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Members may create an account to share personal information and access other information for members only

Group representatives may also create a separate account to register their group's weekly meeting(s) and share other information on behalf of their group


  • Individual members creating an account are advised to use their first name and optional initials or region, for example: John D (WA)
  • Representatives creating an account on behalf of a group should use the group name, for example: Monday Rise-n-Shine Big Book Study
  • The name you choose will be used to identify you or the group in any lists to which you subscribe


  • The username you choose will uniquely identify you to the system so that you can login, for example, john-d-wa or monday-rise-n-shine


  • Choose a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess so that you can login securely
  • When updating your account you can leave the password unchanged by leaving it blank

Email Address

  • Individual members should choose a personal email address
  • Group representatives are encouraged to choose an email address dedicated to the group
  • Each account requires a unique address - if yours is already registered please contact the webmaster who will confirm your identity and provide your login details
  • Initially the address you choose will be visible only to administrators, who will use it only to respond to your registration request or any other requests you may make to share more information in the future
  • Subsequently you may elect to make it visible also to other members or even to any website visitor, and you may also elect to use it for inquiries submitted to other members via the site


  • Enter the text displayed or spoken to prove you are a human and not an internet robot
  • This verification service is provided by a third party but your personal information is not disclosed

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  • Please let us know a little about your interest in SAA, to confirm your eligibility for membership

After registration you will have the opportunity of submitting more details about yourself or your group