It is not necessary to register with the website before attending a meeting, but in addition to the public information provided above, the Telemeeting Intergroup allows individual members and telemeetings to register with the website in order to share additional information including

  • A contact list for members only
  • Personal stories for publication
  • Materials for members only
  • Group events
  • New Telemeeting details
  • Intergroup and other group materials
  • Participation in Intergroup discussions
  • Intergroup minutes and reports

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior.

Login Form

Note that if you select the 'Remember Me' option then your login details will be stored on the computer you are using, so do not select this option on a shared computer

Members may create an account to share personal information and access other information for members only

Group representatives may also create a separate account to register their group's weekly meeting(s) and share other information on behalf of their group

After registration you will have the opportunity of submitting more details about yourself or your group

Why register with the Intergroup?

According to our bylaws the Intergroup is a service committee directly responsible to its registered groups to help them carry the message of the Twelve Steps of SAA to the sex addict who still suffers. The Intergroup is made up of representatives from each group, and has no authority over any group – it merely enables groups to help each other do things they might not do alone, such as:

  • the website
  • the newsletter
  • the contact list
  • cost-effective conferencing services for autonomous meetings
  • a transparent channel for seventh tradition donations
  • taking general telemeeting issues to other bodies
  • setting up workshops and forums
  • any other initiatives relevant to telephone, webcall and online text meetings

Registering your group with the Intergroup does not require you to send a representative before you are ready and does not restrict your group in any way, but it is a good step towards helping your own and other groups to fulfil your primary purpose more effectively – to carry your group’s message to the addict who still suffers.

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